Types of Drink Coasters

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Drink coasters are little mats placed under a glass or mug to protect the surface underneath from heat marks or liquid stains. The coaster comes in a lot of different shapes and materials. Additionally, the dimension is a little bigger than the base surface of a mug. They also have the additional advantage of reducing noise from mugs and glasses as they’re put down.

Glass professional squirrel removal

The beverage coasters in glass are usually made with a high-quality tempered glass that’s readily able to resist the warmth of hot beverages like coffee and tea. The majority of these coasters have four small feet which help lift the glass over the surface of the desk or table to prevent heat damage.

Stainless steel

The coasters in stainless steel are fantastic for promotional giveaways or corporate gifts due to the simplicity in engraving with a unique message. For simplicity in picking up the coasters, they are generally made with a small lip in place, while a rubber backing makes sure that the coasters remain in place and do not slide around.

Bonded leather

Bonded leather coasters are a really low-cost solution to advertise your organization. This sort of coasters is frequently used by food and drink makers, catering services and culinary colleges for this purpose. Bonded leather is easy to mark with a logo or message. Additionally, the material makes it resistant to water and slipping.

Liquid filled

The liquid filled coasters are among the most popular and eye-catching and have a very unique and fashionable finish. These coasters are full of a non-toxic liquid in several diverse colors, and supply a very novel piece to put on a kitchen or bar counter. The exceptional mark is added to the coaster with the most recent screen printing technologies.


The ceramic coasters are made from clay and either amateur or professional made, which is terrific for those interested in pottery. This sort of coaster is fantastic for indoor or outdoor use, but extra care needs to be taken because this substance is quite breakable.

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