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Yogurt, Fruit, Vanilla, Strawberries

In modern days, people are becoming more health conscious and they want to eat healthy meals on a regular basis. Eating fatty and junk foods is permitted for occasional events such as weddings or social gatherings. But when it comes to daily meal plan, it’s wise to stick to a healthy dietary regime which should comprise of sprouts, nuts, vegetables, beans, salads and sauces.

Here are some healthy foods that individuals of all ages can eat daily and direct a disease-free life:


• Oats are quite full of dietary fibers and they help in improving your digestion speed.

• Individuals with bowel and constipation issues should favor eating oats in their own lunches.

• There are different versions of readymade oats available in the marketplace like strawberry, strawberry and masala taste.

Simple salad:

• This no-cook meal is highly beneficial for your health.

• Steak is an appetizer-filling food which can be consumed both during lunch as breakfasts.

• Pasta served with spicy tomato sauce is one of their favorite meals amongst individuals.

• Pulses are full of protein content and they help in healthy metabolism. Chapatis on the other hand are often made from wheat germ and they contain carbohydrates.

Vegetable khichdi:

• Some of those veggies which you can add on your vegetable khichdi are tomato, potato, peas, cauliflower, carrot, and legumes.

Frozen yogurt with nuts and fruits:

• Plain low-fat yogurt functions as a great source of calcium and tastes yummy also.

• To elevate the nutrient content, you can prefer adding fresh fruits such as mango, apples, banana and nuts like cashew nuts or nuts on your yogurt.

Aside from eating healthy meals, people should also make sure you drink plentiful quantity of water every day, so they can stay hydrated and active. Eating spicy and fatty food on a regular basis may result in gastrointestinal problems and you might become a casualty of GERD, constipation or IBS.

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